Welcome to ELSPM

ELSPM is a registered and accredited ELICOS provider in Melbourne, Australia,
specialising in teaching English to those involved in Christian ministry.

Our Purpose

We teach English to pastoral workers and theological students
in a supportive and friendly Christian environment. 

ELSPM welcomes pastoral workers and theological students who do not have English as their first language.
Students develop skills in English in a Christian and theological environment which enables them to engage effectively in
pastoral ministry or continue theological studies. Contact us and learn english for pastoral ministry today!

Our Courses

General English

Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate

International English

Language Testing System
(IELTS) Preparation

English for
Academic Purposes

All courses are accredited by the Australian Government and registered through the National ELICOS Accreditation Scheme (NEAS).
ELSPM is an approved provider for English preparation for Theological studies at the University of Divinity.

Learning Online or Onsite

We offer blended learning: face-to-face in classrooms at our Melbourne campus or online interactive learning via Zoom.

Onsite Learning

ELPSM classes are conducted at the Yarra Theological Union in Box Hill, just 13km from central Melbourne. Melbourne is a safe and culturally diverse city that offers students many opportunities to practise their language skills in supportive communities. It is regularly rated as one of world’s most liveable cities (The Economist magazine).

Online Learning

In 2022, ELSPM continues to offer interactive online classes catering for students within the Asian Pacific time zone. 

Classes run from January until December in 10 week blocks with a two break after each block.  The timetable varies to meet the time zones of the students.  Classes run from Monday to Friday for 4 hours per day.  

All students – whether remote or in Melbourne – will have access to support from our tutors and Student Counsellor.

In your language


“As I finish my studies at ELSPM I realise that now I can express myself in English, I can write essays, proposals and letters in good English. I can converse with others and follow mass media and understand. I can read different articles, journals, books and make meaning of what I read. I feel so blessed to have been part of ELSPM. My teachers have shown me such love and care. May God bless you all.”

Fr Priscus Massawe CP

“It was really wonderful experience for me to study English in ELSPM. I enjoyed the topics which were specifically in the fields of theology and apostolic ministry. I improved my English within a short period of time and formed solid friendship with the teachers, students, and volunteers in the ELSPM community.”

Kim Ju Chan SJ

“ELSPM is a gift to our Congregation. We were excited that a Religious Order would start a Language Centre for our sisters to learn English. ELSPM has helped our sisters spiritually and emotionally, enabling them to express their faith journey in the English language.”

Sr Sarita SSPS

What I’ve enjoyed the most at ELSPM is sharing knowledge, faith, and culture with others. I thank all of you who have touched my life with your kindness, thoughtfulness, friendship and prayers.

Timoteus Tapoona CSsR

I enjoy learning English because I feel all the teachers are devoted and creative both in classroom and other activities. I have been supported and accompanied by teachers, volunteers and friends who encourage me express my thoughts and ideas. All of us come from different cultures, languages and nationalities but I know that we are here to study not only English but to also celebrate the diversity between us

Nguyen thi Lan rndm

For me, it is a rich experience to be involved at ELSPM supporting the students as a volunteer mentor. They are always keen to learn, to improve their language skills and to understand more about the often-confusing Australian way of life.



The ELSPM is located in Melbourne, regularly rated as the most livable city in the world by the Economist magazine.
It is a safe and culturally diverse city that offers students many opportunities to practise their language skills in supportive communities.

ELPSM classes are conducted at the Yarra Theological Union, situated at

98 Albion Road, Box Hill Victoria 3128

13 kilometres from central Melbourne; the program follows the academic calendar of the University of Divinity.

Classes run in 10 week blocks from the last week in January with a two week break after each 10 week block.
Classes are held Monday to Friday and commence at 9.30am and conclude at 2.30pm.

Course Guide

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the course that best suits your needs.

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