With the onset of COVID-19 and the introduction of restrictions, all ELSPM classes are now online.  ELSPM uses Zoom meetings for classes and also a number of online programs for independent work.  Students who are waiting for visas to enter Australia have been able to commence their study by joining online classes.  Class start times are adjusted to various time zones. Currently, students include not only those in Melbourne but also China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

While online learning has some drawbacks it also has a number of benefits and classes continue to be vibrant places of learning, with personal interaction with teachers and good support for students.  As well as this, all students have access to the Student Counsellor. Recently a number of volunteers have come onboard, maintain a valued aspect of learning at ELSPM.  The Student Bulletin has continued to link students with each other’s news and help them to build relationships with each other.

Students considering learning are encouraged to submit their paperwork to the Australian Immigration Department and begin their studies online.

Please contact Sr Margaret Bentley, the Academic Manager for further information manager@elspm.org.au