COVID 19 Statement

Since the onset of COVID-19, ELSPM has adhered to all State and Federal restrictions and advice. Classes have continued uninterrupted over the many months of lockdowns and restrictions, and students have continued to do well with their studies. With the introduction of new technology, classes have been more interactive for those who have been able to join via Zoom. Currently students in Melbourne have the choice of returning to face to face classes or remaining online.

Looking ahead, ELSPM is making the commitment to continue with blended classes, catering for all students within the Asian Pacific time zone. Programs are set to continue both online and in the classroom in line with ‘Covid Normal’ requirements.

It is hoped that in 2022 some classes will also be offered remotely for those unable to attend regular classes but can access the internet to download and send back work.

All students continue to have access to the Student Counsellor and support from tutors. The Student Bulletin continues to link students past and present and helps them build relationships with each other.